Fundraising Program

Set Up Your Fundraiser Today!

Our flexibility and creativity are two of our biggest strengths and enables us to tailor products to meet specific needs for your fundraising program.

The Spoiled Office staff are widely known as innovators of the most unique products. This allows us to consistently keep up with even the newest trends. We also have a unique specialty of taking on custom projects. Together this flexibility allows us take your fundraising to new levels.

We offer a FREE Online Website and Custom Products designed specifically for your organization, no minimum orders, no collecting money, and no products to distribute. No matter what your efforts support ... there is something for everyone!

Fundraisers earn 10% of eligible sales and receive 100% of all donations! Organizations both large and small can use our platform to improve their fundraising efforts without adding extra work.

Raise money for class trips, new equipment, programming, PTA events, special projects and more.

Raise money for tournament fees, travel, coaching fees, special training, events, and apparel.

Raise money for church, a community center, youth organizations, a local non-profit or cause.

If you have a purpose, we have a fundraiser.